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Quick Start Guide

  1. Install TortoiseSVN
  2. Checkout Subversion Repository
  3. Compile Using Unreal Command Line Client

Install TortoiseSVN

TortoiseSVN is a Windows-based version control tool. It allows all involved members to share code and content and collectively build plugins, mutators and so on. To summarize, it ensures that all involved members are on the same page. To download TortoiseSVN, visit their downloads page and choose the appropriate version for your operating system. Follow the very straightforward installation.

Checkout Subversion Repository

Now that you have TortoiseSVN set up, we can now create a repository in the appropriate folder.
  • Navigate to your red orchestra folder.
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\red orchestra
  • Right click the Darkest Hour folder and click on SVN Checkout....
  • Under URL of Repository enter
  • Ensure Checkout Directory points to your \DarkestHour\ folder (not \DarkestHour\29th\)
  • Click OK
  • Open the Darkest Hour folder and select the following folders and files.

  • Right click the folders and files you have selected and select Tortoise SVN > Add to ignore list > All 10 items by name. This will ensure that you do not upload all the game files to the repository in the future.

You now have the basics of what is needed to update and commit changes to the repository.

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